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Atharva4racing is a Community of people who have come together to identify their Dreams of reaching Formula Championship

A4R community is growing everyday to reach to their goals.

Starting of Dream and community

Atharva's first win
  • I started racing when I was 9, and I was too small to reach the pedals, so I had to use a booster seat.
  • My one purpose of racing is to drive fast and win for the pride of lifting the Championship Cup. I have achieved this multiple times beating senior racers easily; however, I want to lift the prestigious championship cup of all motorsport history: The Formula Car Championship Cup.
  • I am here committing myself to becoming the best of the best in the world of Formula Car.
  • I am training myself to be an Motorsports Engineer at Oxford Brooks University, UK.
  • I am training for Formula racing in YRDA at Oxford UK to hone and perfect my racing skills.
  • This will not be possible without my Family support

Growing up...

  • Growing up racing and graduating from Go-kart to Formula cars was enriching experience.
  • I am involved with my Team members. I listen to Racing Engineers, give them feedback on car.
  • Work hard to become better and better race car driver.
From Go-Kart to Formula Cars

Realization of my Cause

Cause of racing
  • Growing up has made me more aware of the world’s problems and, the reality world affairs is painful.
  • My heart melts, I feel the pain, when I see kids of my age and younger are starving for food and water
  • According to United Nations, there are 609 Million people who go without Food and Water. It pains me a lot.
  • According to World Food Program (WFP): Hunger stats - Up to 811 million and PEOPLE GO TO BED HUNGRY EVERY NIGHT - 41 million
My Pain led me to take up the cause of fighting for “Ending Hunger” and to get food and water to needy.

Race for Pride of A4R Community

  • This is a bigger problem than we think. We must all come together and stop this pressing issue
  • I am racing for the cause of “Food and Water for Needy”
  • I am Racing for the “Pride of A4R community”
  • I am sure you feel the pain to see the suffering.
  • Hence I decided to Race and dedicate my racing to bring awareness for the cause of ending hunger
  • I cannot do this alone. I urge you lend me your hand of support and join me in this cause.
Feeding the Needy
  • A4R community is growing everyday to reach to their goals.
  • Support for the causes of A4R Community
  • Follow your Dream with other A4R Community members to wining in motorsport race and give for social cause of “Feeding the Needy”
  • Donate through Credit Card or PayTM or with Crypto
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Atharva's Racing

Yes! Atharva needs You, and only YOU to support him by being a part of an ever-growing community of motorsport lovers driven by their perpetual passion. It’s time to feel his fervour and dream on with him to imprint success on the sands of time FOREVER and ever…..

It’s your chance to live your dreams by supporting the dreams of an ace driver in the making! contribution and be a part of a squad that is striving to create their own history in the elite world of racing.

I look forward your support by contributing money.

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